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Monthly Archive: October 2018

Methods For Disposing Your Waste Safely

The irresponsible actions of humans when disposing waste has lead to serious environmental problems. Apart from the unbearable stench in landfills, the large amounts of waste has increased the levels of deadly methane gas in the environment causing air pollution. Dumping waste in oceans and rivers has lead to harmful contamination in the water. Different materials decompose at various levels and therefore must be disposed accordingly. Plastic decomposes after many years whereas paper quickly decomposes. It is the responsibility of all human beings to dispose their waste safely to live a secure life and avoid harmful diseases caused by pollution. Here are some eco friendly disposal methods.

Reuse or Minimize Wastage
Businesses must reduce the amount of resources they use in the process of production and opt for efficient ways. Waste must be minimised by using the material for another purpose. Businesses must use Brisbane skip bin hire services to collect the reusable items and these items can be sold to another business rather than simply throwing it all away. Home owners can reduce waste by reusing the items they already have rather than constantly purchasing newer products.

A large portion of a business’s waste will certainly consist of recyclable items so a responsible business will ensure that these wastes are disposed separately and are recycled. A separate bin must be placed for recyclable items such as glass and paper even at home. This small action can make a big change to the environment. The local community can recycle all their items by using cheap skip bin hire services at least once a month or so to collect the items in the area and drop it off at the recycling centre.

All the food waste in the household can be collected in a large barrel or containers and left to decompose. This may be a slow process but the compost can be used for the plants in your garden as manure. Since it is rich in nutrients it will speed up the growth of your plants. Composting is a great way to dispose any organic material. You could also compose paper along with the food waste.

Incineration is a well known method of disposal but it must be monitored in order to protect the environment from air pollution. As a home owner you can make use of wood items for your fireplace. If you have no use for the wood do not throw it away rather sell it to someone who can use is for their stove or fireplace.