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What Employers Can Do To Encourage Healthier Commute To Work

Whilst it is a duty of yours to consider how to improve your health by various means and safe eating, do not for get how as employers you also can make a change in your employees’ lives by facilitating in-house activities to make them become better people, both physically and psychologically.

Make it possible at the office

Most employees do not like to cycle, walk or jog to work due to the fear of sweating and smelling inside the premises. It can also be due to the lack of support from within the working place regarding where to park their electric bikes Melbourne, where to keep the helmets safe or even be ridiculed due to riding to work rather than driving to work. The best method to overcome all this is to create an atmosphere within the organization which assists and appreciates the part these employees play in supporting the environment. As employers you will have to look in to providing a space to safely park their vehicles, lockers to temporarily keep their stuff and appreciating them at an office party etc.

Create a positive culture

Again, there is much employers can do to create a positive culture apart from introducing facilities and appreciating who take this path. As employers, you can implement ways and means of sustainable transport without even sending that much, in case it is your worry. You can appoint a group of employees who can look in to the matter and provide some informational pamphlets and advocate same within the working place. That group can consider things such as calculating pollution levels and sharing that knowledge within other employees so they will get an idea of the extent of the damage. One more thing is showing the advantages of cycling or walking by showing how many calories it can burn; you can perhaps organize a contest where the biggest weight loser by walking wins a gift etc. Meanwhile, employers and managers also must be flexible about employees’ timings of reporting to work due to walking, jogging or cycling.

An impossible situation

At times, it can be impossible to advocate cycling, due to the offices being located in far rural areas or even highways which do not allow bicycles. As a solution supporting E scooters like solutions, where you can pedal or use the motor and most probably be allowed even in highways, can be introduced. Even if not, you can then support resolutions like carpooling; a notice board in the lunch area or the lobby can let the employees discuss and settle on times of departure and meetup places. Nothing is impossible and as company owners there is a long way to go in protecting the environment by way of following simple solutions such as sustainable transport.