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Reasons To Use An Invitation Card

In the current era many of them decide to forego the act of sending out invitations to invite guests to celebrate their special days, instead it is done on social media platforms informally and that’s it. It is often considered as an added cost of money and time, but what isn’t realized is the personalized touch reflected from this act. Here are a few shortlisted reasons to use invitation cards;

Set the tone for the occasion

With a physical invitation, the creativity of the hosts can be evidently expressed unlike in email invitations. These can be made in the most creative of ways, depending on the type of party organized. It may be for Halloween with a spooky theme card, or for a graduation ceremony with quite an elegant neat theme or may as a wedding invitation where the couple decides the colors and styles of the card closely associated with them.An invitation card is said to set the tone for the occasion because through this piece of information comes, the magnitude to which you need to dress up or dress down and avoids the chances of being inappropriately dressed for the function. Some parties state certain conditions such as ‘do not bring gifts’ or ‘bring your bottle of wine’, these clauses creatively presented in the invite would assist the guest in judging the type of it.


Invitation cards are supposed to contain all the necessary information needed to be known by the guests before they attend the party. For an example, in birthday invitations Australia it is needed to mention the type of attire that needs to be worn, time to attend, map of the venue etc. Physical invitation cards also play in the mind of a guest with its nature of personalization to it, especially in the example mentioned, people of the older generation value it more than the younger ones do and consider it respectful rather than sending evites over for it to be convenient and impersonal.

Creates anticipation

The arrival of an invitation card creates anticipation for the event scheduled, it may be a party, or wedding, the creativity of the card adds to the excitement and enthusiasm your guests would feel to attend the occasion.


Using an invitation card would also serve as a keepsake to pull out and smile at, years after the occasion has passed, evites and online invitations can never match up to this level of happiness.Therefore, apart from considering only the costs, weigh the benefits and choose to use a physical invitation card instead of one that is intangible.