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How To Master And Become Master Of The Ceremony

We all have seen that fine gentleman or lady on the stage holding a mic all the time, nicely dressed up, clean, soft spoken and presentable asking politely every guest speaker to come on stage and present the award or have a word with the audience. It takes a lot of confidence to host an event one cannot just go out there hold a mic and speak whatever he/she wants, sometimes it looks nice and easy and sometimes it can be a pain. Usually the master of the ceremony announces the winner, introduces the speaker, calls the audience on the stage and acts as a bridge between the audience and the speaker. In order to master in this field one has to take good care of few factors which are mentioned below:

Know the event:  Before getting on the stage or holding the mic, a master of the ceremony has to make sure the nature of the event the more he/she will know the nature the more she/he can rock on the stage. Of course there is no room for a mistake or something one has to stay vigilant and alert, well informed and cautious while announcing anything or saying anything on the mic. So before stepping in know your event it will help host a lot. Considering the nature of event whom to call and whom to present are very important to know for the host.

Responsibilities: It is highly recommended to read the memo again and again and know your responsibilities, it is important to know what is expected from you on stage, hire master of ceremonies is much more than just announcement  usually the responsibilities includes the maintain the flow between the audience and the segment and between the segments, keep the audience intact with the event, value the speaker or the guest, maintaining punctuality and keep everything on time, stay updated and keep updating.

Expectations: it is very important for an MC to know what is expected from her/him, a good MC is expected to stay sharp on stage, alert and welcoming in nature, so keep that nice pleasant on the face without getting distracted. Things sometimes get bad on stage try not to panic and stay clear on your position and agendas. Try your best to memorize the names and announcements as much as possible try to speak without looking at the paper. This shows how interested the MC is; try to crack decent jokes in order to keep the audience alive and awake. Try to make the event entertainers happening and dynamic by walking on the stage and engaging the audience in conversation nicely, without letting them sleep and know that they are engaged. The audience is clever the moment they feel MC is not taking interest in the audience and not bridging the gap between the speaker, stage and the audience they react badly. So stay sharp MC.