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Creative Branding For Events

Advertising various activities and events to ensure higher attendance for events planned can be stressful with various options available in attracting an audience.Various signage ideas explored and detailed below are inspired by creative individuals and companies in ensuring the message is not only passed to the general public but the ideas are considered unique in reaching out to a larger number through its versatility.

Stair Wraps – Most malls and buildings installing escalators in modern times tend to leave the area blank and considered a dead space by many can be changed for marketing potential through the usage of stair wraps. Having a unique feel and a guaranteed photo opportunity, the inspirational avenue not only can convey the message but creates a unique level of advertising for planned events and advertising in general.

Helium Balloons – Most commonly utilized for outdoor events, the method is utilized as markers for unique sponsorships. With its placement being away from the event, the mode can be utilized for indication on the area holding an event and can be noticed from a distance once secured to lengthy ropes.

Free standing signs – Most commonly used in making a large impact, attendees usually progress with a picture opportunity and generally post images on social media making the avenue a unique mode of conveying a message or creating awareness for a particular activity or event. With large bold lettering that stands out being common, the idea stands out as a centrepiece within a venue. Link here can offer a high standard of banner that will perfect for any signs.

Entrance signs – Utilized for making an impact from the initial stage, the mode is popular for building signage in creating the awareness towards an event or particular message required to be conveyed.

Projections – Considered high budget options, the avenue is easier to implement with usage of large and small walls, floors, ceilings and practically any surface being used to communicate details. The diversity of the mode being unique is constantly used during New Year celebrations in many cities with large projectors utilized to showcase amazing detail for long periods of time.

Floor graphics – Considered a unique way finding idea combined with advertising and marketing options, the usage of unique sticker combinations provide unique advertising options along with information display for trade events on exhibitions floors.

Script Balloons – With printed balloons being a common mode of advertising for small scaled events, the mode has evolved to balloon lettering which is placed within the area of an event suiting themes, colour and considered diverse to the traditional printed method.

The creativity noticed within the options detailed above not only surpasses paper and floor stand modules but are guaranteed to increase numbers for events along with information circulated even within conversations.