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What Types Of Metal Are Used For Men’s Wedding Rings?

The ring is ornament which has been on men’s hand for thousands of years. People wear rings for different reasons; some wear them for luck, some for love and others for belief. Rings are popular in both genders but there is a lot of variations in designs and sizes of rings.

In this article we will discuss the most popular type of ring i.e. wedding rings especially for men. The Wedding rings are one of the most trending ornament for man. These wedding rings can be made from different metals depending upon the choice of users. The 6 most common metals areas listed below;


Gold is one of the oldest metal in use, to make wedding rings. Even after centuries, gold hasn’t lost its top spot to be the first choice for Men’s ring. The purest gold is 24 karat (unit to measure the purity of gold). But gold is difficult to maintain its molded shape at 24 karats, so all gold rings are mixed with other metal alloys to consolidate its shape. This reduces the purity of gold to lower karat like 22 karats, 18 karats, etc. Gold rings can be made in other colors instead of yellow gold. Rose gold and white gold are also popular choices for perfect mens wedding rings. Rings made of rose gold are known to be the most durable ring because of the addition of Copper. One disadvantage of gold rings is that with time effects of wear and tear can appear on the surface, so it needs periodic polishing or buffing to maintain its original shine.


Platinum is the rare metal and comes with a high price tag. It’s white in color and has a mirror-like finish. These characteristics made it a leading choice for Men’s wedding ring. Using platinum gives a cool and fashionable look to rings. Men who avert from gold shine, prefer to choose platinum for their rings. Platinum always retains its original color so it doesn’t need polishing. If you are looking for a rings you can see this page and they can give you a high quality jewellery.


Tungsten rings can resist scratches and never tarnishes because tungsten is one of the toughest metal. Due to its abundant availability, tungsten is less expensive. It can be available in various colors like grey, black, white. Tungsten strength also allows imprints and laser engraving for personalization.


Titanium can be said as the modern choice of wedding rings. Due to metallic finish, provides it a sophisticated look. It is a highly durable metal like steel but its light in weight, so they are the best choice for men’s who have active lifestyles. Titanium rings can also have black color finish with same metallic shine.


Like gold, silver also has traditional value in ring making. At times, silver was the second choice after gold for Men’s wedding rings. Silver is the cheapest metal out all mentioned but they need high maintenance. Silver also fades in color with time.

The Story Behind Engagement Rings

They say that “if you like it, you should put a ring on it”, when you need to get the girl and marry her. There are many cultural rituals and habits that many people follow. Marriage is a global phenomenon however; the customs can change by each country or city-to-city. Not many people are aware that diamond engagement rings are not a global trend and that there are different types of customs, courtship and promise for marriages in different cultures.

The main purpose of all these customs is to ensure that the intention of marrying your partner will be followed through. A marriage is a bond, which is built on a deeper connection, and intimacy and this along with trust will help to secure your attachment to one another. Sometimes when the intentions are not very clear, there might be cold feet.

A commitment is required to be able to meet each other half way and therefore there will be a safe connection and the relationship will be safe too. This will mean that as you go along in your married life, you will both we very comfortable and relaxed in each other presences. Certain customs requires a physical representation of the commitment. This symbol is also a great to show the security of commitment. This is the point where premade or custom made jewellery Adelaide enter the story. There were laws that allow women to sue the men who proposed to them, if they do not follow through with the plan of not marrying them.

There were customs, which required the couples not to consummate their relationship before marriage, which was considered to reduce the value of the bride. There were instances back in the day where women who were no longer of value had to compensate the men. However, times have changed quite a lot now. The engagement ring was used during moments when actually signing off the marriage on a piece of paper. As he years went on, the engagement ring has become the symbolism of the relationship and commitment.

However, if the marriage does not go through, it is required by the women to hand over the engagement ring back to the man unless otherwise stated by the man. This is just done to avoid any unwanted issues that would be caused even though both parties part ways. Some researchers believe that the man having to present a ring seems very sexist and that women should be able to propose with a ring too. So when you decide to propose, make sure that you are doing it for the right and not the wrong reasons.